Full Board: $2,500.00 per month, includes:

  • lessons (at home and at shows)

  • professional schooling rides (at home and at shows)

  • groom tips

  • regular de-worming

  • full-service tackup and untacking

  • daily grooming

  • blanketing

  • feed

  • salt block

  • hay

  • bedding

  • daily stall cleaning

  • turnout

  • mane pulling


Also includes:

  • complete rehab treatment and medicinal administration, as needed

  • submission of entries and stall requests for horse shows plus cleaning, clipping, wrapping, food and medicine prep for horses for shows

  • exercising of horse when owner is unable to ride, including one professional ride per week (up to four times per month)

  • assistance tacking and un-tacking for owner during regular barn hours (7AM to 4PM; extended hours Tuesday-Thursday 7AM to 6PM)

TuDane Farm provides:

  • all grooming supplies

  • supplies for horse and tack cleaning

  • schooling and non-slip pads

  • daily laundering of all saddle pads and boots

All riders responsible for care and cleaning of their tack.


Professional Riding : $45.00 per ride


Supplies Fee: $60.00 per month, per horse: covers cost of shampoo, fly spray, show sheen, medical ointments, laundry detergent, tack cleaning supplies, etc.



  • Private- $75.00, $90.00 on a TuDane horse

  • Semi-Private- $65.00, $80.00 on a TuDane horse

  • Beginners- 1/2 hour- $45.00

  • Advanced- 1 hour group (3 or more)- $50.00 boarders, $65.00 non-boarders


Show Riding: $40.00 per class boarders, $50.00 per class non-boarders


Farm Schooling Fee: $50.00 per ride non-boarders


Show Schooling Fee: $45.00 per ride boarders, $50.00 per ride non-boarders


Show Training: $50.00 per day boarders, $75.00 per day non-boarders



Show Day Fees:

  • Full-$50.00 per day-boarders, $75.00 per day-non boarders: Includes grooming, bathing, wrapping, feeding, mucking and preparing for show ring each day.

  • Partial-$25.00 per day-boarders, $45.00 per day-non boarders: Includes stall set up, feeding and mucking each day.


All riders are responsible for cleaning tack and unbraiding. Motels, staff out-of-town expenses, tack/feed stalls and bedding prorated.

Single Participant Show Fees:

  • Show Schooling-$50.00

  • Lesson- $75.00

  • Show Riding-$45.00 per class-boarders, $50.00 per class-non boarders

  • Show Training-$100.00


Vanning: $2.00 per loaded mile with $50.00 minimum

TuDane Farm Payment Service Charge: A 10% service charge will be added to any payments made by TuDane for services rendered on behalf of clients' horses. Including, but not limited to, entry fees, farrier, vet, dental and chiropractic fees and supplements.


Sales commission: 10% on all sales, purchases and leases.


In-house, 7.5% per client.



Recommended Tipping Schedule:

  • $20.00 per horse per month divided between all grooms

  • $10.00 per horse per day at shows